A review of the childhood story about the little engine that could

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A review of the childhood story about the little engine that could

In the book, Lena discusses how she explored sex as a child, and there are a few memories she shares about exploring sex with her younger sister. One day, as I sat in our driveway in Long Island playing with blocks and buckets, my curiosity got the best of me.

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Grace was sitting up, babbling and smiling, and I leaned down between her legs and carefully spread open her vagina. My mother came running. Grace has something in there! This was within the spectrum of things I did. Lena also recounts memories of masturbating in bed next to her sister while she slept, and even loosely compares herself to a sexual predator.

People are uncomfortable and unhappy what she wrote, and some critics are even going so far as to say that Lena sexually abused her sister. Lena has responded, saying that the claims are ridiculous and offensive. Is this stuff weird? Yeah, it definitely is. But is it abnormal?

Does it make Lena an actual sexual predator? Kids are weird and they do weird things, and yes, that includes sexual exploration.

I totally get that. Things get shady, wrong, and just plain illegal when kids explore this sexual stuff with adults, or even teenagers. While there are plenty of critics against Lena, there are also plenty of people who have the same line of thinking as me.

The Tumblr lets users submit anonymous stories about themselves and the weird sexual stuff they did as kids. There have been SO many submissions, and there are so many similar stories on there.

Some people have written in just to say that they now feel less alone, less weird, and less ashamed and guilty. You should know that exploring sex stuff as a kid by yourself or with other kids is generally okay.The Little Engine That Could is a wonderful story but also a teaching tool.

It is a 35 year old book with a message that should never be forgotten; that children need to remember to always try and not give up/5(36).


The Little Engine That Could is an entertaining and inspirational favorite, and the Little Blue Engine's rallying mantra "I think I can--I think I can" will resonate for a Reviews: The little engine's face changed from a broad and proud smile, to show a little concern, at the task ahead.

Not wanting to fail and run backwards down the hill, the little engine showed determination, as it . This story makes me feel like I was stung in the heart in a good way. This story teaches us a lesson in life.

And the lesson can go two ways. The stories characters are brought to life in an extraordinary way.

Theatre review: Book Story at Little Angel Studio

Defining impossible odds, the little engine did but did we somehow miss the message of the tale[Ang10]? Fifty years have passed since the book first published, and when trying to overcome hardship are pursue our dreams many still think “I cannot sound familiar.”.

The plot may have been a little unrealistic and some of the acting a little sketchy at times, but it does not in any way override what was truly an entertaining movie.

A review of the childhood story about the little engine that could

The plot simply stayed true as best it could to the cartoon story without becoming overly ridiculous or corny.

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