Best business writing notebooks

A good pen on nice paper makes me much happier than the feel of a stylus on a plastic screen or the clickety-clack of a thumb-board.

Best business writing notebooks

Laptops built for business are thinner and more powerful than ever.

best business writing notebooks

Our buying advice and product recommendations will help you find your next mobile work companion. Check out our favorites, along with our deep-dive reviews. Finding the Right Work Laptop Choosing the best laptop for work is a serious business.

best business writing notebooks

After all, you need something that's durable, secure, powerful, light, and capable of lasting through a long workday—and you have countless options. We've winnowed down the 10 best business laptops that can get the work done, but browsing even this smaller subset of machines with care is key.

Not every laptop matches how you or your employees work, or what you do. These work-oriented PCs have the same basic components as everyday consumer laptops, but business-PC manufacturers include features to meet specific business needs, such as biometrics fingerprint readers and facial recognition ; rugged, MIL-SPEC-tested chassis and keyboards; Intel-vPro-certified networking and power management; and Trusted Platform Module TPM support for secure access.

The latter two are checkmark features that an IT-based business-laptop buyer might look for in a fleet of machines, but everyone needs more physical security and durability. You'll also find choices for professional versions of Windowsand less bloatware than comes with consumer PCs.

With so many thin black and silver laptops on the market, business machines tend to look samey, but the key differences that matter most to business users tend to be below the surface, inside the chassis. The line between tablets and laptops is also blurring in the business-machine world.

Once the two were separated by operating systems, but there are now several tablets aimed at businesses that run true versions of Windows. Some of these tablets even have physical, detachable keyboards. But make no mistake, in the business sphere, conventional clamshell-style laptops still rule, and choosing the right one can determine whether you run a company that's successful or one that suffers from too much downtime.

Let's walk through essential business-laptop features, the components you'll need, and—also important—how to distinguish between a business laptop and a consumer one.

Evaluating Processing Muscle and Memory Dual-core processors, particularly the Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 series, have long been the norm in business PCs, though quad-core processors such as the 8th Generation "Kaby Lake R" Intel Core i5 and i7s, or hexa-core units like the latest top-end Intel "Coffee Lake" mobile CPUs, are now available for more strenuous business applications.

You can even find a hexa-core Intel Core i9, previously limited to desktops, in some larger workstation-grade machines meant for designers, engineers, and serious data crunchers. At the other end of the spectrum, power-saving processors such as Intel's Y-series Core i3, i5, and i7 have largely supplanted chips from the Intel Atom and Core M lines in tablets and ultraportable laptops.

These ultra-low-wattage processors are often marketed alongside higher-performance chips; look for the "Y" in the chip name to know what you're looking at. A few business laptops you'll see will sport Intel Xeon processors, or the option for them. These are mobile workstationsand they're designed to run specialized software in fields such as financial modeling, engineering, and graphic design that require the ultimate in both power and constant-grinding reliability.

They're typically more expensive—and have far shorter battery life—than mainstream business laptops powered by Intel's Core CPUs. Only choose one of these if you need to run a specialized app that requires that kind of specific CPU support.

Otherwise, an Intel Core i7 or Core i9 will offer similar performance, and typically lower prices and better battery life. If your business still uses software that requires Windows 7 Pro, look specifically for laptops with older 6th Generation Intel Core processor processors with a "-6xxx" model number.

Laptops with 7th and 8th Generation Intel Core processors require Windows Graphic artists and spreadsheet ninjas should aim for 16GB as their absolute minimum. The right amount of memory allows you to keep more programs, windows, and browser tabs open at once, as well as perform multimedia processes such as editing photos faster.

Go Solid, if You Can: Storage Solutions With businesses using video, multimedia PowerPoint slides, and multi-megapixel photos in staff meetings, opting for a spacious hard drive is a good idea. A 1TB hard drive is a good balance between economy and space.

That said, we're huge fans of solid-state boot drives. While pricier and more meager in their storage capacities, solid-state drives SSDs don't have any spinning parts and are therefore better suited to take a licking on the road.Best Business Laptops ; you get a best-in-class keyboard, touchpad and pointing stick.

Whether you're buying an entire fleet of notebooks for your employees or just looking for a. Shop custom notebooks at cheap wholesale prices.

Top Best Laptops For Writers of 2018

Our notebooks feature superior Factory Direct · Easy Design Lab · Guaranteed Rush Delivery · 24 Hour Production. Best Business Laptops Acer Aspire S 13 Credit: Acer. Acer may not be as familiar to you as some of the other laptop brands on this list but it's a solid option for price-sensitive business users.

Try debossed or screen printed notebooks, some with leather or Moleskine mtb15.comive products · 24 hour rush available · Best value · Huge selectionTypes: Leather, Paperboard, Polypro, Vinyl, Faux Leather.

The 20 Best Notebooks for Designers but if you’re a fan of the system, it’s arguably your best way. Word. Notebooks. Pin It. If you use Evernote — and lots of people do — then this is your notebook. Write what you want, then use one of the included stickers to tag your page. Take a picture of the page with the Evernote app on.

Our five favorite business laptops of each bring something different to the table in terms of budget and functionality. We've got you covered, whether you're looking for a .

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