Indexes for administering health care information

First Things First The first thing to do is to remove the father, or any male, if he is with the Mother. This is a great time to have the male neutered, while the mother raises the babies. Males will probably not hurt the babies, but he can impregnate the female again, even on the day she gives birth.

Indexes for administering health care information

It particularly evaluates modifications and alterations of sexual functions in relation to the intake of medicines or psychotropic substances.

This self-report questionnaire can be both administered by a clinician or self-administered. It is made up of 5 items rated on a 6-point Likert scale.

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Each item explores a particular aspect of sexuality: Ability to reach orgasm, 5. Only one item of the scale has a male and a female version 3a — 3b. It is made up of 61 items divided into two subscales: Both subscales provide good reliability indexes from 0,97 to 0,72 for Cronbach's alpha, test-retest and split half methods measured on different types of groups: Nursing home resident, Community older adults, Family of older adults, Persons who work with older adults, Nursing home staff.

According to several studies carried out by the same author, sexual behaviour and attitudes during older age reflects those adopted during younger age, in fact: ASKAS has been used to study the effects of sexual education on the attitudes of nursing home residents, their relatives and nursing home staff towards sexuality in the elderly.

It has been noted that, after receiving sexual education, nursing home staff and relatives were more tolerant towards sexual intercourse in older age.

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Moreover, there was a significant increase in the sexual activity and satisfaction in those elderly people who had been given sexual education. The scores of V-N-H components provide information about those organic factors responsible for the dysfunction; the scores of P component indicate the influence of the psychogenic component.

If the total score of V-N-H components is higher than the score of P component, then the organic etiology prevails over the psychogenic one and vice versa.

Indexes for administering health care information

This device is useful in the clinic setting. However, due to the fact that it is not validated nor standardisedit must be used carefully in researches and screenings. It produces 9 sexual dimensions information, experience, sexual drive, attitudes, affectivity, sexual gender and role, sexual fantasies, body image and sexual satisfactiona dimension about psychopathological symptoms anxiety, depression and somatizations and an SFI index sexual functioning index.

Due to the high number of items, it requires a considerable amount of time to be filled in. It explores achievements, perceived satisfaction, and treatment effectiveness.

Health information management professionals traditionally have performed retention and destruction functions using all media, including paper, images, optical disk, microfilm, DVD, and CD-ROM. Abstract. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) “Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes” includes ADA’s current clinical practice recommendations and is intended to provide the components of diabetes care, general treatment goals and guidelines, and tools to evaluate quality of care. A standardised and validated self-administering and self-evaluation studies the dysfunctional aspects in individual and couple sexuality besides family, social, affective and relational aspects. It consists of two questionnaires (i.e. a male and a female questionnaire) which are divided in two subsections each: one for singles and one for people with a partner.

The items meant for male patients study expectations, effectiveness, side effects and their willingness to continue with the treatment. The items meant for their partners explore the changes occurred in the couple's sexual activity and allow to notice the concordance between the subjective answers of the patients and the objective ones provided by theirs partners.

The alpha reliability coefficients for these scales run from. The EPES is not copyrighted and can be used without special permission.

The questions touch on topics such as childhood playmate preference. Adolescent sexual experience, and sexual activity preference in details.

It is often used in marriage counselling and couple's therapy. This inventory shows good psychometric features and is often used together with GRISS which is its individual version. It studies sexual dysfunctions in heterosexual subjects. It provides a total score and subscales scores: It is provided with good psychometric features and is easy to administer due to the limited number of items.

However, this feature limits its illustrative and diagnostic function. The scale examines 4 sexuality-related factors: IIEF International Index of Erectile Function [ edit ] IIEF - International Index of Erectile Function [31] This standardised and validated item self-evaluation scale provides pre-post treatment clinic evaluations of erectile function, orgasmic function, sexual desire, satisfaction in sexual intercourse and general satisfaction.

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Sexuality-related aspects in the couple are measured with regard to the feelings, attitudes, and events occurring during the relationship.

MAT Marital Adjustment Test [ edit ] MAT - Marital Adjustment Test [34] A item questionnaire which evaluates intrarelational adaptation and the agreement between husband and wife about those behaviours they consider sensible and suitable for their marital life.

Psychometric capabilities are limited due to its obsolescence.Essentials of HIM - Ch 8: Indexes and Registers. STUDY. PLAY.

education, planning, research. Facilitates the exchange of critical past medical history information among health care providers; complements DEEDS as it improves management of critical health care information in ED settings.

Indexes, Registers, and Health Data Collection. Ch8 Green/Bowie 2nd ed. STUDY. PLAY. index. generate indexes, and report data to QIOs and state and federal agencies. category of health care data based on performance, utilization, and resource management; data extracted from individual health records and combined to form .

If you find yourself caring for a domestic rabbit that you suspect is pregnant, or has recently given birth you will probably have a million questions.

Jasmin Azemovic. Jasmin Azemovic is a university professor active in the database systems, information security, data privacy, forensic analysis, and fraud detection fields. Because EMPIs store data in the same format, they can function as the source of health information exchange between healthcare facilities.

HIEs, in turn, are relied upon in accountable care organization (ACO) settings, as they reduce the amount of work ACOs must do to make sense of and report disparate data collected from the various . The Diabetes Prevention Program. The strongest evidence for diabetes prevention comes from the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) ().The DPP demonstrated that an intensive lifestyle intervention could reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes by 58% over 3 years.

Managing the Master Patient Index in an Integrated Delivery System (Resolution)