Online learning and the adult learner

Highlights at New West On-Line Learning Online learning and in-person teaching support We welcome all students, adult or high school aged, looking to take a course in a more location- and time- independent way. Our unique team of BC-certified teachers has been designing courses, creating content and working online - and in person - with students for more than 16 years. We integrate media-rich materials and sources to facilitate learning and keep our courses current

Online learning and the adult learner

Adult learners often have less time, less flexibility in their schedules and receive fewer financial aid dollars than their year-old college student counterparts, Schroeder said. Throw family obligations into the mix, and completing a degree can seem impossible. However, Schroeder said there are many advantages of online classes, from increased flexibility to a more personalized learning experience, that can help improve educational attainment rates for adult learners.

Online learning offers more flexible scheduling than traditional campus-based programs. For adult learners in particular, flexible scheduling is one of the top benefits of online learning.

Online learning offers a more personalized learning experience. While classroom-based instruction works well for many students, it may not be the way you learn best. One of the advantages of online classes is the wide variety of learning materials that are available to students in place of traditional classroom lectures - from instructional videos and digital guides to discussion forums, infographics and webinars.

Having more options for learning course material can help you personalize your learning experience. The availability of course materials online gives students the opportunity to revisit concepts in ways that best suit their learning style and results in a deeper understanding of the subject.

Online learning can improve access to and affordability of higher education. The financial constraints of going back to school is one of the most common roadblocks that may keep you from trying to earn a degree.

In addition to tuition, campus-based programs often come with additional student fees, pricey textbooks and living or transportation costs. Many online degree programs, however, can help you reduce the expenses of earning a degree - whether through savings on the cost of school itself or by saving you the cost of traveling to campus, hiring additional childcare or reducing your work hours.

Online learning can help boost degree attainment rates for adult learners. But online learning may be able to help boost your chances of completing your degree. At the same time, online or distance learning has grown in popularity. Online learning may lead to better career prospects.

Online learning is the pathway to acquire the tools and abilities for new positions and careers. According to Schroeder, online degree programs are poised to become even more powerful as new technologies, from virtual reality to artificial intelligence, enhance learning opportunities. Jennifer Brady is a subject matter expert in higher ed marketing and student recruitment.

Follow her on Twitter whereisjenbrady or connect on LinkedIn.The adult learners’ reason and purpose for learning creates the motivation to engage in adult learning therefore one has to understand why and what is the reason and purpose for engaging in adult learning.

Online learning and in-person teaching support. We welcome all students, adult or high school aged, looking to take a course in a more location- and time- independent way. The Division of Adult Learning. Affordable, accessible, and achievable degree programs for today’s working professional!

Cercone, K. (). Characteristics of adult learners with implications for online learning design, AACE Journal, 16(2), Characteristics of Adult Learners with Implications for. 3D Figures/Isometric Dot Paper.

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Online learning and the adult learner

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Online learning and the adult learner

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