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But they also beg the question:

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For photos of daily events and more details c lick here and view images and details by date, including the election of PNG's representative as Council Vice Chair. This review has looked to analyse the key areas where the forestry industry Paper png making a significant contribution to the PNG economy.

I welcome the opportunity to give the PNG forest industry's perspective on mobilising private sector investment. Building Paper png Sustaining Growth. A framework for an environment strategy for Australian Aid. As a result of these campaigns, market access for PNG's wood products, especially in the United Kingdom and Australia, is threatened.

All members of the Association comply fully with PNG laws and regulations governing forestry. We employ 10, people and provide infrastructure in rural areas, including health and education facilities, which otherwise would not exist.

The Financial Review Greenpeace tactics have many seeing red 24 January Environmental warriors should know that war has rules, writes Alan Oxley.

It's a modern day Robin Hood riding inflatable boats instead of horses and shooting videos instead of arrows. In a draft policy paper, the Australian government has produced a list of measures it is planning to undertake to tackle the issue of illegal logging.

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Instead, it focuses on voluntary industry measures, and supports a government review of forest certification schemes. The World Bank has published Strengthening Forest Law Enforcement and Governance - Addressing a Systemic Constraint to Sustainable Development, a report which estimates the effects of illegal logging in developing countries.

The report claims that an estimated 70 per cent of Papua New Guinea's total forest production is illegal, but the claim lacks evidence.

Greenpeace criticised in The Australian 16 September It also points to the need for forestry companies operating in remote areas to call in police forces to keep order, refuting CELCOR-ACF insinuations that forestry companies are responsible for distribution of arms throughout PNG.

Paper png

Greenpeace has challenged the independence of the report, citing the fact that the report was commissioned and paid for by Rimbunan Hijau. It also disputes the claim that its policies impede development in PNG, and maintains the claims of illegality and human rights abuses in the PNG forest industry.

To support these allegations, Greenpeace produces a list of sources used in its previous reports which were dealt with by ITS Global ; no new evidence is provided. The claims largely rely on evidence discredited by ITS Global.

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Sam Koim is a Papua New Guinean lawyer whose career has focused on anti-corruption efforts. He was a Principal Legal Officer at the PNG Department of Justice and Attorney General, before becoming Chairman of Investigation Task Force Sweep, PNG’s multi-agency anti-corruption body.

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